The Truth Beneath

by Long Gone

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released January 20, 2016



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Long Gone Finland


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Track Name: True Form
we are dying every moment, deny yourself. we are born every moment, don’t create your own hell. you don’t understand yourself so how could you understand me or the world we are living in, the world we are living in. hell with delusional thoughts of individualism. hell with egocentric beliefs and materialism. embrace emptiness, the true form of existence. this moment and one universe.
Track Name: Father
no mercy for us, not even for “the best”. when I pray for total destruction my feelings still bind me to this world. love still exists in this forgotten soil, but we never deserve it. many are the questions that you’re afraid to ask. because you fear the answers, you fear the truth. truth is a father who lets us see clearly what is waiting ahead. “all things are in the universe and the universe is in all things: we in it, and it in us; (in this way) everything concurs in perfect unity”. his harsh words will calm me down when everything seems to be in chaos. there is no mercy for us, not even for “the best”. we will find the only peace when our remains are digested by mother earth. and when the human race is forgotten she will have her peace.
Track Name: Guilty
people! the destructive force. people! ending it all. people! consumption and wars. people! hypocrites and whores. drowning ourselves in shit we don’t need. washing our guilt with chips to charity. drowning ourselves in shit we don’t need. sowing the seeds of misery. guilty! all we are. guilty! the evil ones. guilty! in slavery. guilty! there is no liberty. we allow it so there are only bad excuses. you can’t shut your eyes forever. first world is slaving, raping and destroying everything. we are guilty!
Track Name: You Are A Deceit
I remember the pain I felt when I was torn from my mother’s womb. and I saw that this world was sick. sicken by this disease called man. when our flesh has rotten and we have been forgotten. we are no longer in the dark. when our flesh has rotten and we have been forgotten. we will fulfil our part. there is no more pain. we will see everything clearly. all the wisdom lays in the tomb. emptiness, the ultimate truth. don’t trust your thoughts. all the words are false. don’t ask anything. I will answer nothing.