by Long Gone

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released May 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Long Gone Finland


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Track Name: Walls Crumbling
When the walls were crumbling down
he began to see the way out
and what it all was about

Since birth he was built to hate
Since day one you all were just baits
Baits to get what he wanted

He rushed against everything
Tried to get his message in
Until he hit the wall
Track Name: Pig's Whine
If life is a loan, then to whom do I owe?
So much darkness that people won't ever know.
Am I paying with my regret and guilt?
And with this pain that I have built?
Is this life expiation itself?

When things come to an end,
How the days should be spent,
Is there anything that could save my soul?
Soul! Soul? No! No soul!

I don't deserve forgiveness or peace but those I need the most
Track Name: No Future/No Past
There is no such thing as future
There is no such thing as past
Everything is here and now
So try to make it last

Past is always limited
By human understanding
And future doesn't confront
What you are demanding

Everything is here and now, so hear yourself out
Everything is here and now, so see the world around you
Track Name: Woken
And now, the chains are broken
And his true self has woken
He is focused and his mind is clear
And there is no more fear, there is no more fear

People don’t want to see
Because of their low self-esteem
They just want to fit in
But they’re building just more suffering
False-consensus effect
And vessels want to be perfect
But all people are able to evil
And that’s what our nation is

Misled by his own culture
Reptilians and greedy vultures
But now he is focused and his mind is clear
And there is no more fear, there is no more fear

Blind lead and blind will follow
To the end where is no tomorrow
Generation that is the third wave
Leading us to the end of days